Oso Creations is a diverse concrete product line that includes furniture and cast tiles made from cast or trowel-polished concrete. It includes the popular "Rollerboy," a LOW cylinder on wheels with a hand-trowelled concrete finish that can serve as a chair, table, or ottoman. We ALSO introduced the "Aperiodix" wall system, a set of cast concrete triangles that are laid out as interlocking geometric tiles to create custom walls for commercial and residential users. Oso Creations also collaborates with architects and designers to create custom furniture pieces.

Oso Industries works with homeowners, business owners, architects, and designers to create custom concrete installations for private residences, retail stores, restaurants, offices, and lobbies. The possibilities for custom concrete installations are limitless, but countertops, vanity tops, integral sinks, and fireplace surrounds are some of the most common applications our clients have commissioned. We also create hand-trowelled concrete surfaces for floors and walls.                                                                                                                                                                                         

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