The Company

Oso Industries is a design studio focusing on new applications of concrete for furniture and custom interior design. Inspired by urban living, sculptor and founder Eric Weil and his team individually hand craft multifunctional furniture and architectural elements featuring concrete and other materials in clean, geometric forms.
Eric graduated from Oberlin College in 1996 where he studied sculpture. He also studied woodcarving in Ghana, where he was inspired by traditional furniture design. After moving to New York City and recognizing concrete’s untapped potential for use in design, he focused on this adaptable material and founded Oso Industries in Brooklyn in 2004. Elevating concrete — often overlooked and considered utilitarian — into beautiful, highly polished surfaces has been his focus ever since. Over the years, the design studio has continued to find new uses for concrete by coupling it with stainless steel, bronze, walnut, and colored glass.
Starting with the Rollerboy in 2005, Oso Industries has embraced the combination of mobility, multi-functionality and creative use of materials. In 2010, the Rollerboy was reintroduced with a cast concrete body, making it more solid, durable, and suitable for outdoor use. It comes in eight standard sizes.
For the last several years Oso Industries has been showing its line at various reputable showrooms nationwide such as Dennis Miller Associates in New York City, Industrial Storm in Toronto, Trammell-Gagne in Seattle, Town in Denver and Scottsdale, Paul+ in Atlanta, DeAurora in Chicago, Design Alliance in LA, B.O.N. in Miami, and HEWN in San Francisco. The design studio also has ongoing relationships with a number of renowned architecture and design firms and welcomes collaborative projects related to custom furniture and architectural elements.